Do I Need Personal Risk Protection?

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Raffi Pailagian
Financial Planner / Managing Partner

Just like a high rise building, a strong financial plan is only as good as it’s foundations where the foundations of a financial plan include aspects such as personal risk protection, spending habits and discipline to continue making investments or contributions.

One of the most important foundations that is commonly overlooked is providing funds for clients and their families as a safety-net when things go wrong in terms of accident, illness, or untimely death. This safety-net in the form of Risk Insurance Protection can support clients by:

  • Providing an income upon disability or illness until an individual is back at work on full salary;
  • Pay off 100% of mortgage and other debt in the case of critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack or stroke; and,
  • Pay off 100% of mortgage and other debt plus provide an income for beneficiaries in the case of an individual’s untimely death.

This safety-net will stop clients from having to sell down assets to manage the financial consequences of these uncontrollable events and allow them to keep on track to meet their financial goals and objectives upon a complete recovery.

Our Personal Risk Protection process focuses on assessing all points of exposure for clients and providing advice to protect against these financial consequences to allow clients to focus on recovery, and not their financial commitments, if these unfortunate events strike.


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