It sneaks up on you, retirement. One minute you’re taking the kids to soccer and working hard to meet the mortgage repayments, and the next you’re hurtling towards retirement. It seemed like you had years to make sure you had enough to retire into the lifestyle you desire. Now those years are in single digits.

Without a clear idea of how to approach this significant change in your life, it can feel overwhelming.

And depending on the way you have structured your superannuation, you could find you are in danger of running out of funds sooner than you imagined.

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What you need is an uncomplicated yet flexible financial plan that will allow you to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour without worrying about where the next dollar is coming from.

  • At Manly Financial Services we can help you achieve your retirement dreams by:
  • Assessing your retirement funding needs including income and lump sums
  • Determining what government benefits such as the Age Pension you are entitled to
  • Consolidating assets and debts to maximise benefit entitlements
  • Minimising tax liabilities for both assets and income
  • Structure your investments with both growth and income in mind
  • Providing a soft transition to retirement using products designed to ease the path from full-time work to full-time retiree
  • Helping you plan the distribution of your Estate according to your wishes

If you would like to relax with the confidence that comes from a clear retirement plan contact us.

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