Owning your own home has always been the great Australian dream. It is also likely to be funded by the single biggest financial transaction of your life – your mortgage.

The emotional connection we have to our home and the security it provides gives it a unique position in our financial plan.

Whilst in the short term your home provides security and shelter, in the longer term it provides financial security thanks to the growth-oriented nature of the Australian property market. So, it makes sense to ensure that this emotionally and financially important asset is funded effectively.

Choosing the right mortgage is not just a matter of interest rates. Offset accounts, interest rate options, portability and repayment schedules can have a significant impact on the cost effectiveness of your mortgage.

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If you are looking for an investment property mortgage, your choices are even more complicated, and may not only impact cash flow but can have significant tax implications.

As with anything in life, the more you know the better your decision will be. Getting the right advice can not only save you money in the short term, but provide you with the flexibility to take advantage of changes in the market in the medium to long term.

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Manly Financial Services have the skill and expertise to help you:

  • Choose a mortgage that best fits your overall financial plan
  • Identify which features you need in your mortgage
  • Structure a mortgage to minimise your debt exposure
  • Understand and structure investment property mortgages as part of your wider financial plan

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