As an SME business owner you have to wear many hats, and not all of them are a comfortable fit.

You probably went into business following your passion and skills, yet every day you find yourself needing to spend precious hours managing staff and superannuation, sourcing funding, and working on strategies for growth.

All of which takes you away from why you started the business in the first place – and what you are good at.

The buck stops with you. Not only are all your employees relying on you for their livelihood, but if you are like many small business owners your family finances are tied up with the success of your business, sometimes making it difficult to secure the funding you need to secure your family’s financial security.

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On a daily basis you worry about how to fund growth, ensure longevity, attract and retain good staff, manage your tax and debt burden effectively, which you often have to do alone.

Practical and knowledgeable advice in making critical financial and strategic decisions in your business will free up your time and energy, as well as providing confidence and security, allowing you to get back to working in the business you are passionate about.

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Manly Financial Services have the expertise and knowledge to help you with:

  • Employee Benefits Planning – including salary packaging and financial advice to help retain key staff and add value to staff salaries
  • Employee Superannuation – developing effective and appropriate superannuation solutions for all your staff
  • Business Strategy Planning – including business set-up, funding options, and structuring to take advantage of new market opportunities
  • Business Risk Management – to protect the business in the case of loss of key staff or business partner, loss of earnings, or the need for equity buy-backs

If you would like help managing the financial challenges of a small business contact us.

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