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Over the weekend we saw one of our Federal Senators (who are arguably running the country) tell Australians during an interview that parents should do their OWN research when deciding to vaccinate their children. As a parent myself I think it is imperative to be informed of the issues, benefits, and potential risks for anything that involves my children; but at   the end of the day instead of trusting Dr Google I will trust the advice of my GP. I may inform myself of the opinions of the pro and con vaccination camps to be better informed, and then would base my decisions on the advice of my GP who knows my child and has the experience, skills, and knowledge required to steer my family in the right direction as far as our health is concerned.

Makes sense, right? Well the same thing is occurring in the investment world where individuals are focusing on investments (this property, this share,….), conducting some limited research, and then basing their investment decisions on results from Google without considering the potential outcomes, risks, tax or Government support implications, and whether the strategy will meet their overalls needs and goals.

The main reasons for this seems to be drawn out from the low-cost culture we are in today where we are all looking for the cheapest price as opposed to the best deal, where the ‘best deal‘ is the most amount of Value for the price. We price shop on legal, accounting, and financial advice just like we compare the price per 100g of groceries at the supermarket. In the Financial Planning industry unfortunately the ‘Compare the Pair‘ ads have taken the focus away from Value Added Advice and Strategy to Low Cost Product Sales, which industry super funds are; but at the end of the day this is like comparing apples to oranges, as a good end investment product will only be appropriate and work for someone if it is consistent with the goals and objectives of the individual from a Holistic perspective considering tax, risk, potential growth, time-frame, and other such factors.

To highlight the value of advice over the coming weeks we will be blogging about the mistakes that were made and lessons learned during the GFC to serve as a reminder for all of us in these volatile and uncertain times. These perspectives can’t be delivered by an investment product – cheap or expensive – or its providers, but can be addressed by a professional adviser who provides Value through advice that meets a client needs and is in their best interests – Value through experience, Value through education, Value through lessons learnt.

The following video shows how an individual can build their own personal finance team and directing them towards their goals and objectives.

Building Your personal Finance Team